Unique, patented amino acid supplement attracts the attention of an INBF World Natural Figure Champion.

INBF World Natural Figure Champion and Fitness Consultant Sharon Gayle uses Master Amino Acid Pattern for optimal personal performance and recommends it to her lifestyle management clients.
CEO and Founder of Bodycoach Consulting, Inc. and INBF World Champion Figure Competitor, Sharon Gayle uses the pure protein supplement MAP™. As a competitive figure competitor and WNBF professional athlete, Ms. Gayle has been supplementing her own diet with MAP™ and recommending it to her clients, as well.

MAP™ is a pure and virtually calorie-free protein supplement made from a proprietary, patented formula of essential amino acids, proven in clinical studies to be safer and more efficiently metabolized than dietary proteins.* Ms. Gayle is now a member of network of professionals who endorse MAP™.

“My rigorous training and work schedule demand that I eat 7 to 8 meals per day. To be sure I stay on top of my game and in optimal competitive shape, I supplement with only the highest quality, all-natural products.

I could not imagine preparing for competition without MAP™,” says Ms. Gayle. Ms. Gayle adheres strictly to a drug-free philosophy when it comes to her own training and competition.

MAP™ is a doping-free product that fits in perfectly to her regimen. Accordingly, Ms. Gayle strongly encourages her clients to use MAP™ as part of an overall approach to wellness.

The MAP-Company was founded by former competitive gymnast,, and is the domestic distributor of MAP™. “We are delighted to welcome Sharon Gayle to our growing network of health, wellness and fitness experts. Sharon embodies the spirit of our mission: to work with amateur and professional athletes, as well as other health-conscious individuals, to achieve optimal performance and overall wellbeing"

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